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Whether you have children or not, it never hurts to learn self-defense. That’s why we created this list of 5 different karate classes in Atlanta for adults and children. The classes are all at different levels, which means that if you want to learn the basics and advanced movements and techniques, you will be able to find something for your skill level. And if you have kids, you know how important it is for them to learn simultaneously from a child and an adult – there’s no better way to get them started than with self-defense classes.
Here are our favorite five karate classes in Atlanta:
1) Songahm Taekwondo Center – 1630 Johnson Road Duluth, GA 30096
Songahm Taekwondo Center is one of Atlanta’s most respected martial arts schools. They offer everything from self-defense classes to fitness-based classes. They have an array of different class and program options available so that you can create the most convenient and effective schedule for you and your family.
2) Aikido Atlanta – 1462 Clifton Road Decatur, GA 30033
Aikido Atlanta is a local karate school that offers a variety of adult self-defense classes and martial arts events. They are a great way to get started with your defense training.
3) USA Taekwondo & Hapkido – 4500 Northside Parkway NW, Suite L Atlanta, GA
USA Taekwondo & Hapkido is a great school for adults and children. They offer karate classes that make use of both adult and child techniques so that you can create the most effective techniques for yourself and your family. Their classes are also great for building your confidence.
4) Boulder Taekwondo – 5440 Bouldercrest Road NW, Suite C Atlanta, GA 30331
Boulder Taekwondo Center offers a variety of self-defense courses for both adults and children. It’s a great school for anyone who wants to get their training as soon as possible. If you want to learn more about these classes, you can visit their website, where you will find class schedules and contact information. You can also reach out to their office by calling 404-838-9900. They are located at 5440 Bouldercrest Road NW, Suite C, in Atlanta.
5) Nova Taekwondo Center – 8560 Windward Parkway Duluth, GA 30097
Nova Taekwondo Center has been providing various martial arts classes for adults and children for a long time. They offer some of the best martial arts programs in Atlanta. They also have additional programs such as fitness, self-defense courses, and taekwondo camps.
Karate classes are a great way to start your self-defense training. Whether you want to learn how to protect yourself or your family better or get started with a fun and healthy activity, taking karate classes is the best way to go.
Karate is great not only for self-defense but also for building self-confidence and discipline. Both kids and adults will be able to benefit from the techniques learned in their classes. Check out our list of the best karate classes in Atlanta to start your training today!
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